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Aromatic Rituals - Face
Aroma Express 61.50 €
Cleanse and balance
A unique and multi-sensory awakening to aromatherapy, for healthy rehydrated skin.
Aromaplastie * 71,5€
Comfort and relax
A 100% natural multivitamin treatment with a delicious and surprising texture, comforting, nourishing and relaxing. A perfect balance for all skin types.
Aroma Homme * 71,5€
Energise and restore
A professional treatment rich in active ingredients, fragrance and colorant free with no added preservatives, to refresh and purify the complexion.
Hydra Force * 75 €
Replenish and relax
With pure fruit and floral extracts, to intensely replenish, relax and quench the skin's thirst. For the most dehydrated skin.
Mate et Pure * 75 €
Balance and purify
With aquatic plant extracts to balance, purify and refine the skin's texture. For oily to combination skin.
Divine Nutrition * 75 €
Nourish and hydrate
Nourishes, comforts and strengthens. For dry skin.
Harmonie Calm Intense * 75 €
Soothe and soften
Soothes, calms and softens... A highly comforting ritual designed to calm and soothe fragile and irritable skin. For the most sensitive and reactive skin.
White Bright Extrême * 75 €
Illuminate and brighten
Brightens, illuminates and evens out the complexion. For dull, lacklustre complexions.
Expert Anti-Age * 78 €
Smoothe and regenerate
Beautiful skin at every age to preserve youthfulness. Total harmony between specific tools, the product and the movements of the hands with stimulating effects, responds to beauty needs at every age.
Vital Eyes 14 €
Tired Eyes
Tones, reduces puffiness and dark circles for tired eyes (to be included in a facial treatment).
* Including a welcoming back massage
Aromatic Rituals - Body
Relax and balance
30 Minutes 42 €
45 Minutes 56 €
60 Minutes 71,5 €
Foot Reflexology
30 Minutes 42 €
60 Minutes 71,5 €
Aromatic Rituals - The Cutting Shop
Red Island 71,5 €
Exfoliate and revitalise
A fruit seed exfoliation and essential oil massage for incredibly soft silky and revitalised skin.
Spa Moments 71,5 €
Hammam + Aromatic Exfoliation
Aroma Delight 120 €
Aroma Express + 60mn Aromassage
Pure Paradise 190 €
Aroma Express + 60mn Aromassage
Beautifying of hands and feet
Sun Ritual 68 €
Face and body exfoliate and tan
Face and body sun preparation ritual for a healthy looking glow all year round, exfoliation and application of the self-tanning milk.
Aroma Solutions
Perfect Back 68 €
A purity ritual composed of an exfoliation, massage and clarifying mask
Perfect Legs 68 €
A refreshing ritual composed of an exfoliation, massage and ice-effect mask
Aroma Wraps
An exfoliation followed by a mask, rich in plant extracts, applied to the entire body. You revel in comfort thanks to a relaxing massage.
Anti-Fatigue (Flow) 78 €
Stimulates, eases, refreshes
Silhouette (Detox) 78 €
Drains, boosts, refines
Tonic 78 €
Firms, tones, reshapes contours
A la carte
Half legs 21 €
Full legs 32 €
Bikini 25 €
Bresilian 33 €
Underarms 13.50 €
Arms 22 €
Eyebrows/Lip 9.50 €
Forfait 1 ** 46 €
Half legs, bikini, underarms
Forfait 2 ** 54 €
Full legs, bikini, underarms
Forfait 3 **
Half legs, bikini 40 €
Forfait 4 **
Full legs, bikini 49.50 €
** Supplément brésilien 8 €
Make up
Natural make up 28 €
Special occasion make up 41€
Eyelash tint 25 €
Eyebrow tint 13,50 €
Lash and brow tint 30 €

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